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Do NRIS Need To Have Pan In India For Investment In Mutual Funds?

By admin_mutual | Jan 31, 2023

NRIs are permitted to make mutual funds investments in India as well, but they must follow all applicable regulations. Some asset management organizations (AMCs) have limitations on NRIs with addresses in the US and Canada.

NRIs and Need for PAN for MF Investments

NRIs just need an NRE/NRO account and a PAN card to invest in mutual funds. Even if they had completed the KYC while having Indian resident status, they must do it again. On the other hand, you will need NRE/NRO accounts with PIS Bank, a bank account, and a demat account to begin investing in shares.

All needed information, including a passport, address proof, a self-attested copy of the PAN (tax identification number), a FATCA (US Federal law compliance) statement, and other relevant papers, must be provided when creating an NRI investment account.

You must go to the Asset Management Company or AMC, which provides MF plans, to begin investing in mutual funds. The following step is to sign up with the AMC to complete your KYC. And finally, you have to connect your bank account to the plan and start making investments.

NRIs may also complete the in-person verification (IPV) procedure by going to the Indian Embassy in their home nation.

NRIs need to be KYC compliant and have an NRE/NRO savings account before they may start making mutual funds investments in India.

The maximum investment in mutual funds that an NRI may make is unrestricted. The maximum stock purchase amount and sectoral investment limitations, however, are also limited.

Mutual Funds Investment Advantages for NRIs

Mutual fund investing has been a popular strategy for many individuals. The calculative approach that fund managers use when investing in MF is everything. Mutual funds also benefit from expert management and a structured strategy.

With MF investments, you will not need to be concerned about your finances. Their appeal is mostly due to the thoughtful, calculated approach used by fund managers, the enormous potential for diversification, and the liquidity they offer. Not only this, but if the right decisions are taken and there are many divisions created, the risks are reduced to a significant degree, resulting in strong returns.

Depending on the sort of MF you invest in, investing has a variety of benefits. MF investing is an excellent choice if you are seeking for a way to make long-term savings. There will be a fund out there that suits your needs, depending on your risk tolerance and the kind of outcomes you desire from your investment. They are excellent methods for saving money while making long-term investments.


To put it simply, an NRE or NRO bank account, a valid Indian PAN card, compliance with FATCA requirements, IPV verification at the Indian Embassy, self-transactions in the investment account, or appointing someone by signing a POA agreement, and checking for tax evasion are the essential requirements for an NRI. If DTAA intends to engage in Indian stock or debt securities, DTAA agrees to pay tax (via an NRO account as proceeds from an NRE account are not taxable).

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